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Purchased Some New Rental Properties For The First Time? 2 Tips To Make Things Easier

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Purchased Some New Rental Properties For The First Time? 2 Tips To Make Things Easier

If you purchased some new rental properties to bring in extra money each month, it may be stressful if this is the first time you have done this. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get some help so you can keep your renters happy and keep the checks coming. Two of these ways are listed below so you can determine if they will work well for you. Hire a Property Manager If it is in your budget, hiring a property manager can relieve a lot of your stress. The property manager you hire will deal directly with your current tenants, as well as prospects if you have empty rental homes. They can market the homes for you to ensure they stay full, collect rent payments, handle maintenance and repair problems, pursue evictions, and deal with tenants that have complaints. Property managers own their own business and are contractors so you do not have to worry about hiring an actual employee that you must pay benefits to. A property manager is beneficial if you do not live near the rental homes, do not have the time to care for them, or you have more rental homes than you can handle on your own. Talk with a few property managers in your area to find someone that would work well for you. There are also property management firms where you can hire a property manager. When you are interested in someone, check their references. Ask the person how many properties and/or homes have they managed in the past at one time. For example, if you have 20 homes, you do not want to hire someone that has only managed two or three homes at one time. Collect Rent Payments Online If you do not hire a property manager to handle monthly rents for you, you should consider collecting rents online, which will not only be beneficial for you but make things easier for your tenants. Setting up an automatic payment or draft system will make things go much smoother. This is because the system deducts their rent payment on the same day each month so you know you will always get your money. This helps make bookkeeping easier, as everything will already be online for you. There are a variety of software packages that you can purchase to use for your draft or automatic payment system, which can be found online, or you can hire a company to set the system up for you. If you have any renters that refuse to set up automatic payments, at least require them to pay online. Once you start getting experience at renting properties, things will go even better for you. You may even want to purchase new properties to rent so you can make even more...

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2 Reasons to Have a Property Manager

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If you are moving out of state but have decided to not sell your house, you may decide to rent it out. The problem with having a rental property when you live out of state is that, if there is a problem, it can be hard to handle it from hundreds or thousands of miles away. One option you have it to hire a property manager.  A property manager is a person who acts as an intermediary between you and your tenants. There are a number of places that you can find a property manager. One is if you decide to list your home to rent through a real estate agent, they may have people who are willing to act as property managers for you. There are also agencies that specialize in property managers. There are a lot of reasons that you want to hire a property manager.  Screening One thing that they can do for you is to screen potential tenants. You want to make sure that your tenants are going to take care of your house. You always want to make sure that they are going to be able to pay their rent on time. Your property manager will have your prospective tenants fill out an application with references on it. The manager will talk to those references, including prior landlords, to see what they think of the tenants. The manager may also run a credit check on the prospective tenants so that you have a better background on them.  Evictions Unfortunately, sometimes you have to evict a tenant. When that happens, it can talk a lot of work. There are potential court dates that you have to attend and many other parts of the process. However, if you have a property manager, they are going to be able to handle everything. That includes giving the tenant a notice to quit, filing the legal paperwork, serving the tenant, and dealing with any law enforcement officials that may be necessary. Depending on your state, that process can take 90 days, or even longer. That could be a lot of dates where you have to go back to another city in another state, costing you even more money, if you didn’t have a property manager right there to handle it. A property manager can make owning a rental property much easier, especially if you are a long-distance landlord. For more information about rental properties, talk to a realtor like Keller Williams...

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School Administrators: Cut Down on Asthma Attacks at School By Kicking Out Mice

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While the home environment plays a key role in kids’ asthma flareups, the school environment also plays a part. Boston Children’s Hospital recently visited schools directly to find out which in-school allergens are the ones responsible for the most asthma attacks in students. The researchers believe that when school administrators know the prime suspects that cause asthma symptoms, they can take steps to reduce the risks in their schools. It’s too early for researchers to claim a definite link between increased asthma flareups in school and the presence of mouse-related allergens, but there is enough evidence to suggest that a connection exists. Here’s what school administrators should know about mice and asthma. Nearly all schools have mouse allergens present Researchers collected dust from 37 inner-city schools. They were surprised to find that despite the wide variety of asthma-related allergens present in schools, almost every sample contained mouse allergens. Another interesting phenomenon the researchers observed is that kids in schools with the highest levels of mouse allergens also had asthma symptoms at school more often. Kids exposed to dust containing the most mouse allergens suffered from symptoms at school four days a week; those kids at the lowest level of mouse-allergen exposure suffered attacks three days per week during the same period. You need a comprehensive school-wide approach to eliminate mice To eliminate mice from the school environment, assemble a team to inspect your school from top to bottom. There are many areas in the school environment where administrators may not focus on mouse control, yet these areas could be your school’s biggest mouse hangouts. Some of these areas include: Student lockers Gyms and changing rooms Classroom desks and cabinets Athletic fields and landscaping School buses  Additional areas where mice enter and live in your facility include conduits and openings for pipes and other infrastructure. A qualified mice-control professional knows how to find evidence of mice in these hard-to reach areas and will help you determine the vulnerable places in your school where cracks and holes must be sealed. Pest-control professionals will also advise you about specific bait and trap methods that are safe and approved for school settings. Moving dumpsters and trash bins away from the school building, restricting students’ and staff’s eating to certain areas, and being vigilant about setting and checking your school-safe mouse baits and traps are some of the easy solutions to get your school’s mouse-control program under way. If the research is correct, these steps will help your students with asthma stay healthier in the classroom. Effective pest control is more than a facility-management responsibility. It’s an investment in education, since students and teachers have more time for studying and learning when all kids are symptom free. Talk to a company such as A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc to learn...

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4 Things To Look For When Renting An Apartment For Your Family

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Renting as a single person is very different than when it comes to renting for your family. There are different features you are going to want to look for when you are moving into an apartment with your family. Some apartment communities are more geared towards single people, such as those attending college, while others are geared towards families. However, it can be difficult to distinguish the two. This is why you should know what four things to look for when it comes to finding the right apartment for your family: Larger Apartment Layouts: When you are looking for apartments, you want to find a community that offers larger apartment rentals. Not many apartment communities will provide more than a two-bedroom apartment for renters. This is why you need to find some that provide three bedroom apartments that are available. These tend to rent quickly, so you need to find an apartment community that has more than a few three-bedrooms in total on the property.  Family-Friendly Community Features: A community that has a swimming pool, playground, and other family-friendly features can be extremely helpful. This will provide entertainment for your kids without having to actually leave your own community. You should also consider a community that provides you with the opportunity to rent out a large common space for parties since your apartment may not be large enough for you to do this.  Safety Features: Safety is even more important when you have a family, which is why you should find an apartment community that provides additional safety features, such as a gated complex. This way, you know that the cars coming in and out are people who actually live there. You also want to ensure that your apartment door doesn’t face the street and that it has sidewalks to walk on instead of only the parking lot. This way you don’t have to worry about your kids running out onto the road so much.  Larger Living Spaces: When you rent an apartment with your family, you will want the common areas to be larger than the bedrooms so that you can all spend time together. Ideally, it’s best to have open space from the kitchen through the dining space and into the living room. This way, keeping an eye on your kids is easy and you can all be together in one space.  When you know these four things to look for, you can be sure that you don’t end up choosing just any apartment community, but instead pick one that probably has many families and is safe and enjoyable, such as at Kirkwood Village...

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Where To Buy A Home In NYC If You Love To Fish

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Fishing is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New York City real estate. However, there are plenty of spots in New York City that are perfect for recreational fisherman who want to enjoy themselves without heading out to Long Island or down to the Jersey Shore. So, here are three locations to ask your real estate agent to look into. Hells Kitchen Hells Kitchen is located on the west side of Manhattan. It’s a bit north of Chelsea and is west of Midtown. It’s primarily a residential neighborhood, though there are lots of bars, clubs, and cafes. It has a very artsy feel about it. You will find lots of old apartment buildings that were converted to co-ops. There are also large, new high rise co-ops if you prefer elevators and luxury to an old world, brick walk up style building. The reason this neighborhood is great for fisherman is that it is very close to the Hudson River Park. This is one of the best places to fish on the entire West Side of Manhattan. The city even has a free program located in the park that teaches youngsters how to fish. Kingsbridge, The Bronx If Manhattan is a bit outside of your budget, then consider The Bronx. The area you should consider is in the Northwest section, north of Marble Hill and a bit east of Riverdale. The neighborhood called Kingsbridge is really wonderful. It has old houses that you can buy if you want a backyard and don’t like apartments. There are also old brick buildings and newer constructions as well. The area has lots of shopping. Everything from a Target supercenter to restaurants, cafes, dance clubs, doctor offices, bakeries, and gyms. Kingsbridge is a perfect choice for fisherman because it is steps from Van Cortland park. This park is home to Van Cortland lake. It’s a huge lake (18 acres) that has perch and and bass. Todt Hill, Staten Island Staten Island, is of course, amazing for fisherman. The island has lots of marinas that will allow you to rent a boat or store your own and you can head out and go fish in the lower bay. However, Todt Hill is a particular great spot to ask your real estate agent about. The place is right near Clove Lake. So, on those days when you don’t feel like taking a boat out, you can head over to lake and fish for largemouth bass or bluefulls. For more information or assistance in choosing real estate in the area, contact companies like RE/MAX...

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Even If You Don’t Want To, Make Sure To Always Disclose These Things When Selling A House

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When you and your real estate agent are drafting up the wording for your home that is about to go on the market, your chief priority will be to make the property sound appealing. With this goal in mind, you may be tempted to ignore any potential problems with the home that have been fixed. Even if these things aren’t actively a problem, it’s proper to report them. In some cases, a new owner may attempt to pursue legal action against a previous owner upon discovering an issue that wasn’t disclosed at the time of sale. Here are some things that you should always disclose. Basement Flood If your home’s basement has ever flooded, it’s important to disclose this fact in your real estate listing. Don’t worry that it will scare people away — as long as you took the necessary repair steps after the flooding, this can actually be a good opportunity to highlight some features of the basement. For example, you might write that the basement flooded during a notable tropical storm three years ago. You can then add how you removed the walls and had them replaced, put new insulation in, redid the flooring, and performed any other repair jobs related to the flooding. This can leave your basement in better condition that was it before the flooding. Cracked Foundation Damage to a foundation, even if it has been repaired, is something that must be mentioned in your home’s listing. This disclosure is necessary because a cracked and repaired foundation might not be evident during the home inspection, leaving your buyer with an eventual surprise on his or her hands. In addition to mentioning that the foundation was cracked and repaired, you should list the name of the repair contractor to show that the job was done professionally. You can also provide before and after photos of the job to give prospective buyers the confidence that the damage is no longer an issue. A Death In The Home If someone passed away in your home — perhaps you had an elderly family member living with you — this detail is vitally important to disclose. In many cases, this won’t scare buyers away, and you’ll feel better than this information is out in the open. You don’t need to disclose specific details related to the death; the average buyer knows that he or she may occasionally come across this situation when perusing the market.  For more tips, contact a company like Premier Property Group...

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Selling Your Home? Here Are 3 Services Your Real Estate Agent Should Offer

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Selling a home can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t have a reliable real estate agent by your side throughout the process. Here are a few important services to look for when searching for a real estate agent to work with on your home sale: Advertising One of the most important services your real estate agent can offer you is advertising. Without promoting your home for sale, you can’t expect to get a lot of attention thanks to all the competition you’re sure to be up against. Your real estate agent should provide you with multiple advertising options to take advantage of. Some of the advertising options to look for include: Newspaper announcements Online classified entries eBay sales Networking techniques Your real estate agent may even be able to set up a web page for your home that includes a virtual tour and contact information, along with flyers that you, your family, and your friends can pass out while spending time in the community. Open House Events You shouldn’t have to host open houses yourself or pay your real estate agent to do it. Your agent should provide at least one open house event with their service offerings. Promoting the event, providing refreshments for prospective buyers, giving tours, and cleaning up after the event are all things a quality real estate agent would be happy to do. Additional open house events above and beyond what’s included with the services you pay for should be available for a nominal fee as well.   Negotiations Negotiating the sales price with potential buyers can be stressful and overwhelming, so leave the negotiations to your real estate agent. You can sit down with your agent and discuss a game plan to ensure that they work within financial boundaries that are comfortable to you, then they can deal with any offers that come with negotiation opportunities. Make sure that you understand the process your agent intends to use with your prospects, so you have an idea of what will happen throughout the negotiation process. How many counter offers is your agent willing to process? How long will it take your agent to respond to offers? Will you be involved in the negotiation process before an offer is officially accepted? Having access to these service offerings without having to worry about racking up a large bill with your real estate agent should help make the process of selling your home more convenient and less stressful overall....

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Buying a Home? Know These 3 Things That Will Require a Lot of Upfront Cash

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As you’re getting ready to buy a home, you probably have been saving up as much money as possible to better prepare yourself. Your down payment will be the biggest expense that is needed to close the deal, but it is not all that you need to be concerned about. Be prepared for these expenses so that you have enough money to buy your home. The Down Payment The loan you receive will determine how much money you need to provide as a down payment. The standard used to be 20% of the cost of the home, but that has changed recently. Loans these days don’t require nearly that much to be paid as a down payment. VA and USDA mortgages don’t need a down payment, and an FHA loan will only require 3.5%. The down payment requirement for a conventional loan will be different depending on your county and lender requirements. Conventional loans are usually between 3%-20%, and will require more money if you have poor credit. Generally, you shouldn’t be putting any more than 20% down for a down payment though. That is where you’ll see the most benefits from a long-term savings perspective. You’ll avoid paying for private mortgage insurance (PMI), and have less interest to pay because the loan is smaller. If you do not have a prepayment penalty, you can also pay more towards the loan after closing if you wish. The Closing Costs When purchasing a home, you will also have to pay closing costs. This is not just paying the realtor a percentage of the home’s price for a commission either. Closing costs include the mortgage origination fee, land surveys, title search, appraisals, and anything else you need to have done to purchase the home. You can expect these expenses to make up as much as 5% of the home’s sale price. The Property Taxes and Insurance If your taxes and insurance are being paid for through escrow, you will need to prepay those expenses up front. While the tax bill may not come until several months from now, the money needs to be available in your escrow account. Don’t get caught off guard by this, since taxes are a significant cost of home ownership. While these are the major expenses you’ll need to prepare for, they are only some of the costs associated with buying a home. For more info on what to expect, speak with a local real estate agents with property for...

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5 Tips For Purchasing A Luxury Apartment

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When it comes to purchasing real estate, there are more options than just single family homes. For some people, buying an apartment may be a better option than a house. In many large cities, there are a number of apartments available for purchase, and luxury apartments are in high demand. If you are interested in buying a luxury apartment in the near future, use the following tips: Check Out the Amenities The price of a luxury apartment typically includes more than just the apartment itself. A lot of luxury apartment buildings offer a wide array of amenities for their residents. Doormen, pools, spas, fitness centers, and media rooms can all be found in luxury apartment buildings. When you’re shopping for a luxury apartment, make sure you understand what amenities will be available to you if you purchase an apartment in the building. Remember Maintenance Costs When you are determining how much you can afford to spend on a luxury apartment, don’t forget to factor in maintenance costs. Maintenance fees are paid by all of the residents of an apartment building to help with maintaining the building and keeping it in good repair. In extremely upscale and expensive luxury apartment buildings, the monthly maintenance fees can be quite high. If you’re looking at luxury apartments, narrow in on ones where you can easily afford the mortgage and the maintenance fees. Ask About Security One of the benefits of owning a luxury apartment is feeling safe and secure when you are in your home. Most luxury apartment buildings take resident security very seriously and provide a variety of security measures. Common things to look for are security systems, surveillance cameras, and a 24-hour doorman in the lobby of the building to prevent unwanted visitors from getting up to your apartment. Look for Upgrades Luxury apartments are designed for people with discerning taste who are willing to pay more for a beautiful home. If you’re paying a premium for a luxury apartment, make sure that it was built with the highest quality materials and outfitted with fine fixtures. Fire-safety measures are also important, and high-rise luxury apartment buildings should also have been built according to code to sustain an earthquake or hurricane force winds. Think About Location Location is very important when it comes to real estate, and if you’re going to invest in a luxury apartment it is a good idea to choose a building that is in a prime location. When you buy a luxury apartment that is in a desirable building, its value is more likely to go up more quickly and you should make a bigger profit when you...

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What Constitutes Good Hunting Land? Things to Look For

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When you are looking for hunting land for sale, do you know what to look for? Do you know what constitutes good hunting land? Unless your real-estate agent is an avid hunter, he or she is not going to know that, and really, only you will know whether the property is right for you. Here are the basics of good hunting land, plus a few extra tips based on the type of game you like to hunt. Woods, Definitely Woods Game, especially large game animals, prefer trees for cover. If you want good hunting land, it has to have some wooded areas on it, or else you will not be hunting much of anything. The trees also provide good spots for deer stands, places where hunters can roost on high, sit, and wait for deer and other large game animals to come walking by. High Grassy Areas Deer, elk, caribou, moose, wild boars, rabbits, squirrels, grouse, pheasants, and other game birds like tall grass. Here, they can hide from predators, blend in, and even nest or lay down for the night. Wild boars will root around in the high grass for grubs and other bugs to eat. Your hunting land should have some of these areas as well as wooded patches. Ponds and Marshes While you may dislike the idea of marshes, since they tend to produce a lot of mosquitoes, they are actually excellent areas for hunting waterfowl. Ducks and geese gravitate towards these areas because they are perfect for nesting grounds, sources of water, and plenty of insects and little fishes or tadpoles to eat. Ponds are also good for hunting waterfowl, so a pond or marsh on your hunting land means you will find some tasty birds to shoot. Also look for reeds and high-water grasses, since these will camouflage you while you are hunting the waterfowl. Caves Bet you did not see that coming! Yes, caves are a good sign of hunting land too. Bears and boars will hide out in caves, so if you like hunting really large and very dangerous prey, caves are perfect. If nothing lives in or hides out in the caves on your hunting land (except bats, snakes, bugs, and rodents), you will have some extra places to take cover during lightning storms. Occasionally, deer and related game may wander into a cave for cover too, in which case you might get lucky and have an easy kill shot. Talk to a company such as Wellons Land and Timber Co. to find out...

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