Self-Storage Facilities Are Useful For Transitions During A Divorce

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If you're getting divorced, you may have a need for a storage unit until the financial issues are all resolved. You and your spouse may have your house up for sale so you can split the proceeds, and you also have furniture and other belongings to divvy up. Now that you've moved -- or are planning a move -- to an apartment or in with friends or family, a storage unit provides a place where you can keep everything you don't have room for right now.

Choosing a Large or Small Unit

Take inventory of everything you'll be moving from the house and that you can't fit in your temporary living situation. If you can, move all those possessions into one part of the house so you can accurately measure the amount of space you'll need. If you've never rented storage space before, you may be surprised at how much fits into even a small unit. 

If You Need Vehicle Storage

You may have vehicles you can't keep at your new place. Many self-storage facilities provide units suitable for car storage or pickup trucks, boats, campers and all-terrain vehicles. 

Storage for Items You Both Own

You and your spouse may be having some trouble agreeing which one of you gets certain possessions. Maybe you bought a set of furniture together and both of you want it. Perhaps there were wedding presents from mutual friends that you both feel sentimentally attached to. Both of you may benefit from renting a suitably sized storage unit where you can keep these items while you get some "cooling off" time. 

Finances also factor into these decisions. For example, you may want the boat that the two of you bought together, but you can't afford to pay your spouse for his or her half of it until the house sells. Storing it allows you to avoid selling it now and splitting up the money.

This strategy will only work if you can trust each other not to remove anything, or if you can find a neutral party to be the only individual who can unlock the unit. 

Taking Time to Regroup

Self-storage facilities help you stay organized and give you time to regroup while you're in a transition period. You'll be able to resolve conflicts over possessions with your spouse, and to keep things you really want but can't store where you're staying right now. Affordable self-storage facilities provide a significant advantage during an experience that may be otherwise emotionally difficult.