How To Maintain The Roof Of Your Manufactured Home

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Have you been properly maintaining the roof of your mobile home? Today's manufactured homes are extremely similar to conventional homes, and they can last just as long as one -- but they do need regular maintenance and care. Mobile home roofs tend to be flat, and that means that they may also need some additional attention because they do not shed debris and water the same way a traditional angled roof would.

Begin By Inspecting Your Roof Regularly

An annual check may not be enough. Try to inspect your roof upon every seasonal change -- or at least at the beginning and end of the winter months. During times of bad weather, such as snow fall and hail, your roof is most likely to become damaged. Autumn can also be a difficult time for a flat roof that is surrounded by trees, as the leaf debris can build up and lead to insect and water damage. As you inspect your roof, you should also clean it.

Re-Seal Your Entire Roof When Patching Up Leaks

When patching up leaks, it's often almost impossible to determine exactly where the leak is coming from. This is because the leak can be traveling quite a distance between shingles before actually dripping into your home's ceiling. To avoid water damage, it's best to re-seal the entire roof when you begin noticing leaks. Usually, when you see water damage it is because it is about time to seal your roof again regardless.

Paint Metal Roofs Once Every Couple Of Years

Metal roofs are extremely resilient and are not likely to break, chip or leak. However, they do need to be painted on a regular basis. Metal roofs that are not painted often will begin to corrode. Painting a metal roof once every couple of years will ensure that the roof and the home remain in good condition for decades to come.

Never Lay Shingles On Top Of Other Shingles

When patching a shingled roof, you should always remove the existing shingles and replace them entirely. There can be a temptation to lay shingle over older shingles, especially when a large area needs to be patched. This is a bad idea because some roofs will collapse under the weight of two layers of shingles. Layering shingles, even if it does not cause a collapse, can cause leaks and other damage.

A roof is an incredibly important part of any home -- and if your manufactured home's roof has simply had it, you might want to consider trading it in. One of the most prominent advantages of mobile homes is that you can trade up as you desire. Talk to a company like AAA Homes Ohio to learn more about taking better care of your mobile home.