Take Precaution If You Get Locked Out Of Your Car

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If you've discovered that you've lost your keys and you aren't sure if you want to leave your vehicle where it's at and hope the keys turn up, you should call a locksmith instead. You don't want to leave your vehicle in a parking lot or on a street, and you don't know if someone actually stole your keys, instead of them going missing.

The locksmith can be at your vehicle shortly to cut you a new key so you can drive away, and there are some safety precautions you want to take right away:

Check for Your Garage Door Opener

Look to see if your garage door opener is in the vehicle. Someone may have taken your keys on purpose to get into the vehicle, and with the registration or proof of insurance they can see where you live. Since they know you are at a location with no keys and no way to get home, it's the perfect time for them to break into your home.

Replace All Keys

Replace all of the keys that were on the key chain, especially your house keys. If the keys were stolen and the person saw where you lived on information in your vehicle, they could be planning to use the keys on your home in the future. Replace the house or safe keys and any keys to your office or work building as well.

Get a Spare Key Made

Get a spare key made so you can give a copy to someone that you know, or so you can put it in a magnetic box and stick it under your car. This will allow you to call someone the next time your keys go missing, or you can crawl under the car and get the key that you need. The locksmith can make a duplicate for you after they cut the new key.

If you have keys that have special features or that are difficult to duplicate, you may want to see an auto dealer that sells your manufactured vehicle to get a new key ordered. The locksmith can get you a basic key and they can get you into the vehicle without doing damage if you need items out of the car, but a dealership may be needed for customized keys. Don't leave your car abandoned while you figure things out, and be careful in case your keys were stolen with malicious intent.

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