3 Ways To Get New Car Keys And Get Back On The Road

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Losing your house key is troubling enough, but if you lose your entire keyring, you may end up losing your car keys too.  The keys to your vehicle can be harder to recover, as not every locksmith cuts car keys because a special code is required.  If you need to get keys for your vehicle, there are three ways you can do so.

Contact the Dealership

After losing your car keys, you can contact the dealership where you bought your vehicle or, if you're not in the area, contact a dealership that sells the same brand of vehicle.  Even if it isn't a new model, the dealership should still be able to order keys for your vehicle.  

When you go to the dealership, you will need to prove that you own the car or truck, so take your vehicle registration and the title to it.  Usually, they can cut the keys for the ignition and the door locks while you wait.  However, for some higher end vehicles, the dealer may need to order the keys and it may be several days before you receive them.

Contact the Manufacturer

Rather than going through a dealership, or if you have an older car model, you can reach out to the vehicle's manufacturer to get keys for it.  Ask them for the key code for your car so you can get a duplicate key made.  They will need to have the vehicle identification number, or VIN, and your registration information in order for you to get the key code.

Once you have the code, you will need to find a locksmith that can cut keys for vehicles.  When you locate a locksmith, tell them your key code and they can cut keys for you.  They can quickly have you back on the road.

Contact a Locksmith

This is probably the quickest option for many people, but not every locksmith in your area will have the equipment needed to cut keys for vehicles.  You will need to go online to search for a locksmith that has the ability to cut car keys and contact them.  Just as you would with the dealership, you will need to prove that you own the car, so make sure you have your registration and the VIN ready when you call.

Losing your car keys isn't the end of the world, but it can be a minor challenge to quickly get another one. Contact a locksmith like ASAP Mobile Locksmiths for more information.