Things You Should Not Keep In A Storage Unit

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When you need to have some extra space for your belongings, you will most likely rent a storage unit to house these items. If you are renting a storage unit, there are a few things that you would be better off leaving at home. Here is a list of things that you should not put into storage.

Hazardous Materials

Never bring loaded guns to your storage unit for any reason. If the storage unit owner needed to get into your unit, you could be liable for an accident that occurs if your gun were to go off. Guns should always be stored in a safe that can be locked, and the ammunition should be kept separately.

Do not store anything that is combustible. If the storage unit were to get too warm, these can explode. This would include items like gas, propane, fertilizers and paint. These items should be disposed of properly after use, and if stored in an uncontrolled temperature, there could be messy consequences.

Fireworks are not a good item to keep in storage. If there was a fire at the storage facility, there would be a bunch of fireworks going off, making a hazardous situation even worse. You could also lose the fireworks to moisture by keeping them in storage.

Stolen Materials

If you have acquired something that does not belong to you, do not bring it to a storage unit. If there are any indications that something is not yours and that it is being looked for by someone else, there is a chance that police can be involved without your knowledge. The items can be seized from your unit, and you can get in a lot of trouble for having the items. 

Canned Goods

Some people like to stockpile food for emergencies. Placing them into storage, however, is not a good idea. If the temperature were to get too warm, the food inside the can will heat up to temperatures that can contaminate the product. If the food freezes, it can be thawed, but the quality will be compromised.

If a can happened to have a puncture in it, you will be attracting rodents with the smell of food. You could end up having unwanted creatures getting into your storage unit. You are better off leaving canned food items at your home. 


As enticing as it is to live inside a storage unit, you are better off having a real home. It is risky trying to live inside storage. It is against the policy of all storage unit owners, and you can get yourself into a bundle of trouble if you were to get caught. 

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