Keep These Items Out Of Your Storage Unit

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Storage units are a great place to put most of your belongings if you need a little extra space. However, not everything you own should go into your storage unit. Here are a few items that you should find space for at home. 


You should keep any medicine that you have safety in a locked cabinet at home. The temperatures can degrade the quality of your medicine; after all, it is a perishable item. If you need your extra medication, it may be difficult for you to find it in a timely manner if it is stashed in a box in the storage unit. 

If you have medication that you no longer use, try to dispose of them properly. Some pharmacies and doctor's offices will dispose of unused medicine for you. You can also seal the medication inside of a bag and throw it away. 

Medical Supplies

If you own any medical supplies, you should store them inside of your house. A storage unit is no places for an automated external defibrillator (AED) or an extra tank of oxygen. The AED could become compromised inside of the unit, and it in not safe to store something flammable, such as oxygen, inside of a storage unit. 

Flammable Or Toxic Material

You probably have more items around your house that are flammable or toxic than you realize. You should keep these items out of your storage unit. They pose a risk to others while inside your storage unit. Also, most storage companies do not allow you to store either flammable or toxic materials at the facility. Here are a few things you might not think of as toxic or flammable that you should keep out:


You should also not keep items that could explode inside of your storage unit. The heat and humidity items in a storage unit experience could cause items such as fireworks or ammunition to go off. Also, if there ever was a fire within the storage facility, these items could cause harm to others. 

You can store most items you would keep inside of your house in a storage unit. However, there are a few items, for the safety of yourself and others, that should not be stored inside of a storage unit. All medicine and medical supplies should be kept someone in your house where you can easily access them. You should also keep anything that is flammable, toxic or explosive safely stored at home in a controlled environment. Your self storage unit agreement may even prevent you from storing such items.