Burglar Be Gone, How To Keep Burglars Away

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When it comes to protecting your home from burglars, you want to do 3 things; make burglars choose to look past your home, make your home harder to break into and alert as many as possible to a problem, especially the authorities. You can do all of these things by following the tips below and know you are protecting your family the best you can.

Making burglars look past your home

There are many ways you can make your home less desirable to potential burglars. By following these steps you'll decrease the likeliness of having someone break in to your home.

You want to make it highly visible from the street. Don't give the burglars access to hidden areas where they can break-in unnoticed. Cut back any shrubbery that blocks views of windows and doors from the street.

Put up a chain link fence that goes around your entire property. Locking the fence will also help detour burglars. They want to know they can get in easily and get out with your belongings and a locked fence makes this extremely difficult.

Keep outside lights on so a potential burglar will feel too exposed trying to break in to your home. You can put up motion activated lights that come on when someone moves within their range and triggers them. Not only will this scare off a burglar, but it will also alert you that someone is outside.

Put up a sign and sticker letting people know your home is protected by an alarm system. This is a great way to let burglars know if they attempt to break in to your home they are going to face a huge obstacle that will more than likely lead to their arrest.

Making your home harder to break into

You always want to have deadbolts on your outside doors. Keep them locked at all times and make sure you have solid doors. Also, have good locks installed on your windows and keep them locked unless they are open during the daytime. Shut the house up and lock it tightly any time you leave and before you go to bed.

You may want to consider getting a dog. It doesn't have to be a big dog, but it should be one that has a loud bark. If someone starts to break in, they will more than likely change their mind once a dog starts barking, alerting everyone in the area of a problem.

Having an alarm installed in your home is the number one best way to make your home more difficult to break into. When an alarm is triggered it will make a very loud noise that will scare off the intruder.

Alerting yourself and others of a break in

Installing an alarm system will alert not only those in your home and your neighbors to a break in, but it will also contact your local authorities. This will cause the police to come out to your home quickly, putting an end to the burglary. For more help, try contacting a company that specializes in alarm systems and security, like ADT, to ask questions and express your concerns.