Want Feng Shui In The Living Room? It Is Easier Than You Think!

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If you're out on your own for the first time and are setting up your living room in an apartment like those offered by Advanced Realty, you have no doubt heard of Feng Shui. This design concept is all about positive energy and organizing in such a way that this good energy flows through your home. This guide explains four ways to incorporate Feng Shui into your living room easily so that you, your family and guests can feel comfortable and experience positive energy at all times.

Setting Up Your Furniture

The living room is where you meet with family and friends for celebrations, chats and overall relaxation. In Feng Shui, the energy comes in through the front door. Therefore, your furniture should face the front door if at all possible.

In addition to setting your furniture facing the front door, place your sofa along a large, solid-color wall. A smaller chair or loveseat should go to the left of the couch. All-in-all, everyone who is sitting in your living room should be able to see the front door.  

Organizing the Door Area

Now that you have your furniture facing the front door, make sure the area surrounding the door is attractive and uncluttered. Choose a fashionable umbrella holder that matches the rest of the décor in your room, as well as a coat rack.

If your living room has a closet near the front door, opt for a clean area around it and keep shoes, umbrellas and coats in the closet. Keep this closet organized and clean at all times, so that when guests put their belongings in there, clutter won't detract from the positive energy they feel upon entering your home.

Creating a Focal Point

In most living rooms, the television is the focal point. In a Feng Shui living room, your focal point should be a floral arrangement or candle on the mantel or coffee table. However, you can use a rug as the focal point instead, as long as the coffee table and the rug complement each other. This type of focal point encourages conversation, instead of family members watching TV in silence.

Setting Up the TV and Gaming Station

In most homes, the main activity in the living room is watching television or playing video games. However, cords, gaming consoles and television accessories such as DVD players can clutter the room up quickly. House these items in a cabinet with doors and close them when you aren't using them. Doing so makes the room seem clean and inviting.

Do what you can to keep your living room tidy so that your Feng Shui efforts show through all the time. As you're setting up your new apartment, think of other for ideas on creating a Feng Shui living room. Then enjoy the fact that people want to be at your home more often to enjoy peaceful positive energy.