3 Packing Tips When Moving To A New Home

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Packing to move to a new home can be stressful. With all the packing that you must do, the billing companies that you have to switch addresses with, and more, you can sometimes feel like you are in over your head. Not to worry though, since there are plenty of tips that can help make your moving experience easier. Here are three packing tips that can help put your mind at ease:

Separate Items for Special Packing: Any fragile items, sentimental items, or oddly shaped items will need specialized packaging to ensure that it does not become damaged during the move. By having all of these items set aside, you can be sure that you note what type of packing supplies you are going to need for them.

These items can include wine glasses, kitchen gadgets, necklaces that were once your great-grandmother's, and more. For any of these items, you could need heavy duty boxes, boxes with a layer of protective wrapping, and more. Make a list and be sure that you purchase all of these different packing supplies at your local moving supply store (or a place such as Route 37 Self-Storage). Or, if you have time, search for specialized packing supplies online where you are more likely to find exactly what you need.

Search for Moving Kits: If you take your time to look online for packing supplies, you can do a search for moving kits. Many retailers will sell moving kits for specific rooms that will come with more specialized packing supplies for the items that are more likely to be found in these areas. This can help cut down on your time to find specialized packing last minute. 

Buy Artwork Boxes: For any artwork that you have in your home, be sure to purchase artwork boxes to help you move all artwork safely and without damage. You can do this online and type in the size of the artwork that you have and the retailer will send out the right shaped box.

You may even get the option to purchase frame protectors, as well to keep the corners of the frame from becoming damaged or ripping through the box. If there is glass on the artwork, you probably want to also purchase corrugated cardboard to protect it. This type of cardboard will sit gently on the glass while also providing cushioning in the glass in case anything heavy were to be placed on top of the box. 

By keeping these few tips in mind, your move can be made easier. Yes, you may have to purchase more on moving supplies, but at least you will be that much less likely to have to replace your valuable items or lose your sentimental ones.