Choosing Eco-Conscious Fabrics For Your Home

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Whether you are seeking to update your drapery, bedding or upholstery, eco-friendly textiles are becoming increasingly popular. The term "eco-friendly" can mean many things - in general, it refers to fabrics made with sustainable processes or materials. Reasons to seek environmentally-friendly fabrics may include environmental concerns, allergies to chemicals and pesticides, or a desire for healthier indoor air quality.

Types of Eco-Friendly Textiles

It doesn't take long to find a range of textile materials that may meet your sustainability criteria. Many people prefer fabrics made with natural materials that have a minimal impact on the earth. Hemp, for example, is a well-known material for making sustainable fabric, with inherent qualities that repel pests. You may also be interested in high-quality fabrics made from organic cotton, wool, bamboo, or beechwood. Many of the fabrics made with these sustainable materials also feature water-based printing and non-toxic pigments.

You can also explore many durable fabrics made with blends of recycled materials. Some fabrics are made with recycled polyester and nylon. You might also seek sustainable fabrics that have biodegradable qualities. In addition, you might seek fabrics that don't have specific chemicals that can be unpleasant to inhale or may cause long-term health concerns.

Investing in Textiles that are Eco-Friendly

With so many reasons to choose sustainable fabrics for your home, it's important to note that buying these fabrics can be an investment. You may have to pay a higher price for eco-friendly fabrics due to the care and attention to quality that can be necessary to achieve specific standards. However, these types of fabrics can be enjoyed for many years. For example, you may enjoy linen pillow cases or upholstery because linen is a long-lasting fabric with its tough, yet silky, natural fibers. In addition, various organic cotton and bamboo fabrics can feature soft, light colors and durable woven effects. The quality of eco-friendly fabrics means that you'll be able to enjoy their colors and patterns for years to come. 

Taking Care of Sustainable Textiles

Care of sustainable home fabrics can be important to keeping your fabrics fresh and long-lasting. From drapery cleaning to upholstery cleaning, professional cleaners like Majestic Rug Cleaning Co. Inc. can provide excellent service to keep your fabrics looking their best. This can be especially helpful if you have a pet or a busy family with children. Some cleaning companies even provide specific services for eco-friendly fabrics, such as non-toxic or hypoallergenic solutions. Furthermore, it's important to look at the tags of the eco-friendly fabrics, or research the fabrics online, to make sure they are cleaned properly.

Overall, buying environmentally-friendly textiles for your home can be an exciting step in the process of lowering your carbon footprint or supporting eco-friendly practices. The subtle textures, impressive quality, and beautiful, earth-toned colors of many earth-friendly textiles can be enjoyable and inspiring. Be sure to discuss your eco-friendly fabric needs with an interior decorator or textile expert.