Tips For Organized Residential Moving

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Moving from one house to another house can be a mess. You have a ton of things to do, more boxes than you know what to do with, and a lot of people going in a bunch of different directions. To help you stay a little organized so that you are able to stay sane, you might want to check out the following tips. Before you know it, you will have completed your moved and kept your sanity the entire time.

Rent a Self Storage Unit

As you are packing things for the move, you might find furniture, decor, or personal items that you are unsure what to do with. Sometimes, you simply do not know if certain things will work in the new home until you are already in it. For those items, a little time spent in a storage unit will prove to be beneficial. As you need or want more things for the house, you can venture over to the storage unit (such as one at Add-A-Room Self Storage) to pull out what you need. Of course, if you are moving far away, you will want this storage unit to be in your new town. Just make sure that you are marking the boxes meant for the storage unit so you know exactly where they need to go when you arrive at your destination.

Color Code The Boxes

No, you do not have to buy special colored boxes for your moving. However, you might want to add a little color code for the packing and organizing of your boxes. After all, you might have the dream that you will have your new home unpacked and organized within a day or two, but that hardly happens for the average person. Thanks to school schedules or work obligations, you might find yourself living out of boxes for several weeks. During that time, you are going to need to find things from within the boxes. Instead of searching through every single box, you will be able to head to the right pile of boxes based on the color code that you assigned to it. To accomplish this, you can add color duct tape to the boxes when you are sealing them shut.

These might seem simple, but they are suggestions that many people fail to think of on their own. This is probably because they are so overwhelmed with everything else that comes with moving to a new location.