Keeping Burglars Out Of Your Business

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If you own your own business, you will want to take steps to make your building unattractive to potential burglars. Having security measures in place along with hardware that works, will help your business stay strong and free from theft. Here are some methods you can use to help keep your own business safe from robbery.

Locks That Work

The type of lock that you place on your doors will have a big impact on the way a burglar tries to gain entry to your building. Using heavy-duty locks can frustrate a potential burglar into giving up and moving on to another building. A dead-bolt type pin-cylinder lock is one of the hardest locks for someone to pick. You cannot gain entry with the use of a piece of celluloid between the door and jamb.

Another lock that works is a double-cylinder lock that needs a key to enter from either side. This is a great lock if you have a burglar that hid inside your establishment waiting for after-hours, as they would be trapped inside. Make sure you have locks on your back entry doors, and place a bar across the doorway so that the doors cannot be kicked in.

Alarm System

Placing an alarm system in your establishment will help keep robbery from occurring. You can get an alarm system that lets out a screeching sound when someone tries gaining entry, or you could use a silent alarm that would alert authorities without the thief knowing. Either method would keep a thief from being able to steal and you may catch them in the process. Pairing an alarm system with security cameras will safeguard your building even further.


Make sure your building is lit up at night to help deter thieves from wanting to get inside. Most thieves will opt for a building that is dark so they do not risk being seen by someone passing by. Have lighting around each doorway to your building so that thieves cannot try picking a lock in a darkened shadow. The more lights you put on, the better chance a robber will not be able to get away with sneaking into your building unseen.

Keep your cash register in full view with the drawer in an open position. This will show the robber that you have no money inside the building, making it a much less attractive target for them to hit. To learn more, contact a company like Georges Lock & Security Service to learn more.