Four Questions To Ask Before Your Parents Move Into An Independent Living Community

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If your parents have decided that it's time for them to give up their house and move into an independent senior living community, then you probably feel some responsibility to help them find the right place. There are many independent living communities out there, and they all have slightly different policies and amenities. Asking the representatives of any community your parents are considering moving into these questions can help better determine which one is best for them.

What is the average age of your residents?

Many independent living communities are open to residents ages 55 and older. However, some communities tend to cater to a younger crowd, while others tend to attract slightly older residents. Learning the average age of the residents can help your parents decide whether the social aspect of a community is best suited to their needs.

What modifications can and cannot be made to the apartments?

Most senior living apartments are made to accommodate people with limited mobility. They may offer extra-wide doorways, grab bars in the bathroom, and other accommodations for those who are not so steady on their feet. However, your parents may find, as they continue to age, that they need to have additional accessibility amenities of this type added to the apartment. Find out ahead of time whether this is allowed.

What do other residents tend to do if they develop a health condition and need in-home care?

Most independent living facilities are just that -- a place for seniors to live independently. However, some do offer nursing and in-home care services for residents who end up needing more care down the road. In other cases, an independent living facility may contract with a company who provides this care to residents. Make sure you and your parents know ahead of time what is offered in this regard, so you know whether they'll have to move again to receive this level of care, or whether they can simply stay where they are and receive it.

What kinds of community activities are held?

One of the appeals of independent senior living, for many people, is that the residents have access to a social group that partakes in regular activities. Find out what activities the community participates in, so you can see whether these line up with your parents' interests.

Whether your parents want a lot of help or just a little help finding a new place, asking these questions will reveal many things about an independent living community, like Brooke View, they are considering making home.