Can Your Smartphone Unlock Your Front Door? It Can Now!

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With so many apps for your smartphone, you may be wondering what's next. Your smartphone can manage everything from your social life to the thermostat in your home. Now, your smartphone can even control the locks on your home. Have you heard about the smart-locks being marketed today?

No More Keys

Now, you don't have to worry about losing your keys and getting locked out of your home. Instead of a key, your smartphone sends a signal to the lockbox installed on your door and tells the lock to disengage.

Identifying Codes

If your maid, plumber, electrician or dog sitter have smartphones, they can download the app and you can provide each with their own code to program into it. When the lock is disengaged by each person, the smart-lock logs who accessed your home. You can even get a text alert that the lock has been disengaged and find out who is in your home.

Instantly Deny Access

If you have an ex that you no longer want to access your home, you can instantly deny them access. Use your smartphone to restrict their code from disengaging the lock from that moment on. You don't have to worry about changing your lock or trying to get your key back after a breakup.

Note: This aspect is also helpful when you no longer need an in-home service, you can remove the code that the company was given from the list of approved codes. This puts a stop to them coming and going with very little effort.

Touchless Unlock Feature

Some smart-locks have an added feature that uses Bluetooth technology to detect when your smartphone is near the door. When the lock picks up the Bluetooth signal, it reads the code and unlocks the door. This is a handy feature for when your hands are full and you cannot easily get your phone out of your purse or pocket to touch the pad with it.

eKey for Instant Access

If someone stops in while you are away and you want to allow them to enter your home, you can grant them instant access to your home. You can send an eKey through text or email and they can use their smartphone to access your home without waiting for you to get home. This eliminates the need for hidden keys or hurrying to get home to let someone in.

Talk with a locksmith, like Irvine Lock & Key,  to learn more about smart-locks and find out if he or she can install one on your home.