What To Do When You Can't Keep Up With Your Tenant Services

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Whether you're a busy landlord or have multiple properties to maintain, keeping up with your tenants' needs is essential. If you don't fix broken toilets on time or answer your tenants' concerns about rent and other issues, they can move out and leave you without a steady income. If your property management company offers tenant services that keep your real estate properties on track, you'll keep your tenants and income flowing. Here's how tenant services help you.

Schedules Routine and Emergency Maintenance Calls

If you don't maintain your cooling, heating and plumbing systems, they break down, which inconveniences your tenants. Although many tenants understand that emergencies happen, some tenants don't. The tenants expect you to fix their problems right away, or they contact the city and report you for not maintaining your apartments or homes properly.

You want to prevent the issues mentioned above by hiring a property manager. Your property manager develops a system that ensures that every emergency call is answered in a timely manner. The system can do several things:

The property manager gives you a list of everything they repaired or replaced at the end of the month, or at a time you choose. 

Collects Past Due Rents Without Alienating Good Tenants

If you have tenants who can't pay rent on time, you lose money. But sometimes, good tenants run into financial problems, losses or changes that keep them from making timely payments. Instead of evicting the tenants, give your property manager time to work with them. 

The property manager may set up a payment schedule that works with the tenants' incomes. For instance, if a tenant receives a disability check on the 9th of every month, the property manager may change the due date for their rent to that day. The tenant can now pay their rent without incurring late fees or losing their home.

Secures New Tenants Fast

When tenants move out, you need to replace them fast. Your tenant services may include placing advertisements online, locally and nationally to let future tenants know about your vacancies. The more outlets your property manager uses, the better chances you have of getting new tenants. 

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