Four Features Outdoorsy People Should Look For In An Apartment

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If you like to spend a lot of time outside hiking, biking, kayaking, or otherwise adventuring, then it's important to look for an apartment that fits in with your lifestyle. In addition to finding a place with easy access to parks and wilderness where you can adventure, make sure the place you rent offers these features or amenities.

Non-Carpeted Entryways

When you come in from a hike with muddy shoes, you're not going to want to mess around on a flimsy welcome mat so you don't get the carpeting muddy. Choose an apartment with a non-carpeted entryway, and this won't be an issue; you can just mop the floor if it gets muddy. Linoleum and vinyl are good options, and tile can be a good choice too, though you may want to avoid tile with light-colored grout, since it might stain if you get it muddy.

Spacious Parking Spaces

Try loading camping equipment or a kayak into a car when there's a vehicle 12 inches from your bumper. Ample parking spaces are must, since they let you load your car with ease. Off-street parking is ideal, since typically side-by-side parking spaces make it easier to access your trunk. However, on-street parking can be okay if the streets are very quiet and you're confident there will always be enough space.

Utility Sinks

Sure, you can clean your dirty gear in a bathtub if needed, but having to clean out the bathtub every time you do this can get to be a pain. If you find an apartment with a utility sink—either in your own unit or in a common basement or laundry area—snatch it up.

Easy Access to Laundry Facilities

When you spend time outdoors, you frequently end up with muddy clothes, as well as sweaty clothes that you really don't want to let sit before washing them. If you have to haul your laundry across town to a laundromat, you might find yourself avoiding your favorite activities just because you don't want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up! An apartment with a washer and dryer right in the unit is great, but one with shared laundry space in the building is okay, too.

If you're in a rush to find an apartment, you might have to be a bit flexible with some of these features. However, always keep your outdoor lifestyle in mind when considering whether an apartment will work for you. Your activities should dictate what type of apartment you live in—your apartment should not make it tough for you to do the things you love. For more information, talk to local rental agents {like those at Pacific Properties}.