8 Tips For Staging A Home

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To help potential homebuyers envision themselves living in a show home, it is important to properly stage it. Staging a home helps to define each space in a home and can often be the difference between selling a home now or months later. Here are some tips for properly staging.

  1. Avoid being gender-specific in the bedroom. In the master bedroom, try to keep the room gender neutral. Keep the paint and bedding a neutral color. This helps make the space appealing to both sexes.
  2. Place furniture groupings away from walls. When furniture groupings are placed away from the walls without obstructing the flow of traffic, it can make a room seem larger. Even the smallest room will seem larger to buyers.
  3. Focus on lighting. Good lighting can accomplish several things, including making a room seem bigger and more inviting. During staging, ensure that all of your rooms are well-lit. Use different combinations, such as overhead and wall lighting, to make the room appear warmer.
  4. Change up the wall hangings. Instead of placing your wall hangings in the more conventional spots, get creative. By hanging art creatively, you help draw attention to the space and add more charm to it.
  5. Do not forget the flowers. Fresh flowers can dress up the home, but the added expense could eat at your potential profit. Instead of going to a florist, head to the yard. Look for flowers and other foliage that you can turn into decorative items.
  6. Limit the purpose of a room. During staging, try to keep the purpose of the rooms clear. For instance, instead of trying to show how a room could be a home office and a guest bedroom, focus on spotlighting just one purpose. This helps to avoid confusion for the buyer.
  7. Opt for round tables. Instead of a rectangular or square table, use a round one. Round tables in your home can help improve the visual flow and circulation of the rooms, which can be appealing to potential buyers.
  8. Add personal accents. Small touches throughout the home can attract the attention of buyers. For instance, hanging a robe in the bathroom or placing fluffy towels can make it seem more like home.

There are many other ways you can make a home look friendlier to potential homebuyers. Work with a professional staging company or consult with a real estate agent to learn what other touches can be made to properly stage a home.