Enjoying Life As A Retired Baby Boomer – Why Moving To A Townhome May Be Right For You

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As one of the last of the Baby Boomers, you are likely nearing or at the age in which you want to retire. There are many aspects of retirement that you can enjoy once you reach that point. However, keeping your family home may not be one of them. Get to know some of the reasons why hiring an experienced real estate agent and moving company and transitioning to a townhome may be the right choice for you in your retirement.

Townhomes Are Less Responsibility

Maintaining your family home can be a great deal of responsibility when you are looking to enjoy your newfound freedom of retirement. You have to take care of all home repairs yourself as well as snow removal, lawn maintenance, and everything else.

However, in a townhome, much of this responsibility is reduced. Townhomes are generally newer than the house you have been living in for many years. They are also often part of a complex of townhomes, meaning that yard maintenance, sewage issues, snow removal and all of those issues are taken care of by the company that owns the complex.

A Townhome Will Reduce Your Utility Bills

Unless you live in a tiny house, it is safe to bet that the townhome you move into will be significantly smaller than your current family home. This means that moving into a townhome will automatically reduce your utility bills because you will have a smaller space to heat and cool.

On top of that, you can work with your real estate agent to find a townhome that is made with the most energy efficiency in mind. This can include brand new windows with low-e glass which has a coating (glaze) that prevents UV rays from entering your home. Townhomes with Energy Star rated appliances as well as furnaces, air conditions, and water heaters will all contribute to a drastic reduction in utility bills when you move into your new townhome.

A Townhome Gives You More Freedom To Travel

Again, because most townhomes are a part of a complex, you will have the added benefit of having more security for your townhome than you may for your family home. The company who maintains the common grounds and the like will probably have security on-site and you will have many neighbors nearby who can keep an eye on your home if you would like to travel.

Additionally, you will have more freedom to travel when you live in a townhome because your costs will be so significantly reduced in your new living situations. The savings on your energy bills, as well as lower house payments (most likely) and the like can all go toward your travel fund so that you can take the time to explore the world in the freedom of your retirement.

Now that you know a few of the reasons why moving to a townhome would be great for your retirement, you can call the real estate agent right away. Before you know it, you will have a moving company knocking at your door to help you get moved into your brand new townhome to start the next phase of your life with as much freedom as possible. To learn more about townhomes, contact a company like Gerber Management Services.