Who Would Want This Old House? 3 Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Older Home

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Your old home has served its purpose for you and your family and now it is time to move on to something more modern. You may look at your aging house and think you are facing quite the challenge when it comes to getting the place recognized on the real estate market. It is true that selling a house that is 50, 60, or even 100 years old may come as a challenge because in the minds of some buyers, older naturally equates to needs work. However, with a few insider tips and secrets about marketing an older house, you could easily see just as much interest in that old house as you would if it were new.

Highlight the most unique traits of your home at every level.

Old homes may have their shortcomings and downfalls, but most also have something to offer that a lot of modern houses do not: unique features. Many modern homes are built with similar functions and floorplans, while a lot of older houses have unexpected rooms and spaces, out-of-the-ordinary floorplans, and even odd features. Look for the things that stand out in your home that make it unique, and make sure you highlight these features when taking pictures for a real estate listing or writing up a description to post in the local classifieds.

Be careful with how you word descriptions in sales ads for your home.

If you are taking on the sole responsibility for marketing your home, writing ad descriptions will be part of the process. When you are creating descriptions, there are some words and phrases that you should be sure to include in the listing. Likewise, there are some words you may use to describe an older house just come with a negative connotation and should be avoided. For example, instead of saying the house has an old kitchen, you could say the kitchen has a retro design or instead of claiming the original wood flooring is worn, you can say the wood flooring has a vintage look.

Take care to share modern upgrades and updates that have been implemented.

Some buyers may be looking for an older home, but they are not looking to buy an old home that has not been updated with modern features. Therefore, make sure you always include and highlight any upgrades and changes you have made as the owner or that the home has. For instance, if you have upgraded all the plumbing in the home, this is an attractive quality a buyer will appreciate in an older house.  

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