3 Tips For Renting An Apartment Following An Eviction

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An eviction can make it challenging to find a new apartment, but it is not impossible. Some landlords might be hesitant to rent to you, but there are steps you can take to increase the chances of finding an apartment. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances when looking at apartments for rent after an eviction.

Talk to the Previous Landlord

Before starting your search for a new apartment, talk to the previous landlord who evicted you. He or she might be willing to work out an arrangement that results in the eviction being removed from your credit history. 

For instance, if you were evicted for failing to pay rent, the landlord might be willing to remove the eviction if you agree to pay all or a portion of the owed rent. If you cannot afford to pay it all at once, find out if a payment plan is possible. 

Even if the landlord refuses to remove the eviction from your history, you can use the effort you made to your advantage. If you are questioned about the eviction by a potential landlord, you can explain to him or her that you attempted to rectify the situation. The effort might be enough to make him or her overlook the eviction. 

Gather Your References

A future landlord needs to know that you are in better position now to meet the terms of a rental agreement. A good way to show that you are is by providing references to him or her. 

If possible, obtain references from previous landlords. You want to show that the one eviction that you had was a one-time occurrence and that outside of it, you have a solid rental history. 

You also need to obtain character references. Ask co-workers, your supervisor, family and friends, and business associates to write letters on your behalf. 

Be Prepared to Pay More

A potential landlord might be more willing to overlook an eviction if he or she receives a higher deposit. In some instances, you might have to pay more monthly for your apartment. 

Although paying a larger deposit or more monthly might not be idea, it can help you start building towards a more stable rental history. After the rental agreement is over, you can talk to the landlord about lowering your rent or possibly returning the additional deposit. If you do negotiate a return of the deposit or lower rent, you need to ensure that it is included in the rental agreement.