When You Can'T Afford A Professional Staging: Little Things You Can Do Yourself To Help Sell Your Home

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A good way to sell your home more quickly is to hire a stager who will come in and decorate in a way that attracts buyers and makes your home seem more appealing. But hiring a stager can be expensive. If you cannot afford this service, you can still take a page out of the book from stagers and do some little things that will help attract buyers.

Improve The Lighting

A dimly lit room is always less attractive than one where the lighting really opens up the space and calls attention to the decorative elements. Add a few accent lights under pictures, open up the curtains to let in more natural light, and switch your light bulbs to ones with a higher wattage. Colors will look more vibrant, and prospective buyers will feel like your home is more spacious and fresh.

Paint Over Bright, Personalized Colors

You don't have to paint the whole house, but if you have any rooms that are truly polarizing colors, like bright pink or olive green, consider painting those rooms a more neutral shade like beige or gray. It's easy to assume buyers should look past the colors any buy a home based on more permanent features, but the truth is, colors make a first impression. If a prospective buyer is turned off by a color they find tacky, they may not even keep looking at the other features to see if the home's right for them.

Hide Personal Photos

When prospective buyers are looking at a home, they want to be able to picture themselves living in and enjoying that space. That's hard for them to do if there are pictures of your family and pets everywhere. Take these down and hide them in a closet somewhere. If this leaves your walls looking rather bare, you could always purchase some cheap prints of generic images like landscapes and flowers and hang these on your walls in place of your photos.

Display Some Greenery

Put a few potted plants in a corner, on a tabletop, or along the mantel. The greenery will make visitors feel more connected to nature, and this positive feeling will leave them with a better impression of your home. Plus, plants help remove toxins from the air, so your home's air will smell and feel cleaner in their presence.

Follow the tips above and you'll make your home more appealing to buyers without emptying your wallet. Talk to an agent, like Homestead Land Co, for more help.