3 Tips for Touring Homes for Sale

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Touring a home you are interested in purchasing can be a delicate balance between finding out what you need to know to make an informed decision about the property and not offending the seller and his or her realtor. Hurt feelings can sometimes influence how willing a seller is willing to sell his or her property to you. While touring homes, here are some tips to remember to make the experience pleasant for everyone.  

Leave the Entourage at Home

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on a home tour is bring along too many friends and family. Although they are anxious to view the home and give their input, you want to avoid agitating the homeowner and his or her realtor. Having too many people can also be confusing for you. Too many opinions about the home can cloud your judgment and make it difficult to narrow down your choices.  

On the initial visit to the home, try to only take along a partner or spouse or someone else whose judgment you trust. Once you have narrowed your choices down to two or three homes, you can take a few more people along to view it again before making an offer.  

Create a Checklist 

Before starting your home tours, take the time to create a checklist for all of the needs and wants you desire in a home. Create columns for each home you plan to visit so that you can easily go down the list and check which homes have the features or amenities you desire. Be sure to leave a space for any notes you need to make.  

Not only does this allow you to quickly eliminate those properties that do not fit your requirements, but you can avoid lingering too long in the homes as you attempt to write down the features that the homes have.  

Do Not Take Pictures Without Permission

It is important that you remember that many families are still residing in the homes that you are touring. As a result, privacy can be a concern for them. It is natural to want to take pictures to refresh your memory later or to show others when asking for opinions, but always ask before you take pictures.  

When asking for permission, clarify whether or not there are rooms that you cannot take pictures. If so, respect the homeowner's privacy and skip the pictures.  

Your real estate agent can provide you with other pointers to ensure that you get the most from your tours without being a nuisance to the homeowners.