Social Media For Community Managers

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Overseeing a community filled with residents can be a challenge. In order to create a more cohesive and educated resident population, regular communication is critical. While it might not be feasible for you to regularly talk to each resident as a community manager, you can rely on social media for help.

Here are three tips to help you use social media more effectively in communicating with your residents in the future.

1. Don't limit yourself to one social media stream.

There are many different social media sites available to tech-savvy socialites today. It's likely that the residents living in your community are using varied platforms to stay connected to their friends, family members, and the rest of the world.

When you limit your social media activities to a single stream, you run the risk of alienating some of your residents. Create a social media strategy that allows you to post on various streams to maximize your reach and communicate with the most residents possible.

2. Make your posts more meaningful.

Rather than viewing your social media accounts as simply online newsletter distribution platforms, you should strive to make your posts more meaningful in order to positively interact with your residents. Social media sites are designed for socializing. When you engage in a conversation with a friend, you talk about many different things.

By incorporating posts about the best local eateries or upcoming city-wide events, you provide a valuable service to the members of your community. Residents will come to view your social media accounts as more than just an announcement bulletin, making them more eager to interact with you online.

3. Be consistent.

One mistake that community managers make when attempting to use social media to interact with residents is failing to be consistent. Unless you post regular updates to your social media accounts, residents will not have a reason to continue checking your profile pages.

Creating a reliable content strategy and using software products that allow for automatic posting to various social media platforms will help you create the consistency that is required to start meaningful online conversations.

Incorporating social media into your community management strategy can be beneficial. The residents living in your community are likely already engaged in social media activities, so communicating with them through a medium they are comfortable with can help you get to know your residents a lot better. Be sure to use multiple streams, post meaningful content, and update your accounts regularly to get the most out of your community's social media activities.