What Constitutes Good Hunting Land? Things to Look For

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When you are looking for hunting land for sale, do you know what to look for? Do you know what constitutes good hunting land? Unless your real-estate agent is an avid hunter, he or she is not going to know that, and really, only you will know whether the property is right for you. Here are the basics of good hunting land, plus a few extra tips based on the type of game you like to hunt.

Woods, Definitely Woods

Game, especially large game animals, prefer trees for cover. If you want good hunting land, it has to have some wooded areas on it, or else you will not be hunting much of anything. The trees also provide good spots for deer stands, places where hunters can roost on high, sit, and wait for deer and other large game animals to come walking by.

High Grassy Areas

Deer, elk, caribou, moose, wild boars, rabbits, squirrels, grouse, pheasants, and other game birds like tall grass. Here, they can hide from predators, blend in, and even nest or lay down for the night. Wild boars will root around in the high grass for grubs and other bugs to eat. Your hunting land should have some of these areas as well as wooded patches.

Ponds and Marshes

While you may dislike the idea of marshes, since they tend to produce a lot of mosquitoes, they are actually excellent areas for hunting waterfowl. Ducks and geese gravitate towards these areas because they are perfect for nesting grounds, sources of water, and plenty of insects and little fishes or tadpoles to eat. Ponds are also good for hunting waterfowl, so a pond or marsh on your hunting land means you will find some tasty birds to shoot. Also look for reeds and high-water grasses, since these will camouflage you while you are hunting the waterfowl.


Bet you did not see that coming! Yes, caves are a good sign of hunting land too. Bears and boars will hide out in caves, so if you like hunting really large and very dangerous prey, caves are perfect. If nothing lives in or hides out in the caves on your hunting land (except bats, snakes, bugs, and rodents), you will have some extra places to take cover during lightning storms. Occasionally, deer and related game may wander into a cave for cover too, in which case you might get lucky and have an easy kill shot.

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