Selling Your Home? Here Are 3 Services Your Real Estate Agent Should Offer

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Selling a home can be an overwhelming experience if you don't have a reliable real estate agent by your side throughout the process. Here are a few important services to look for when searching for a real estate agent to work with on your home sale:


One of the most important services your real estate agent can offer you is advertising. Without promoting your home for sale, you can't expect to get a lot of attention thanks to all the competition you're sure to be up against. Your real estate agent should provide you with multiple advertising options to take advantage of. Some of the advertising options to look for include:

Your real estate agent may even be able to set up a web page for your home that includes a virtual tour and contact information, along with flyers that you, your family, and your friends can pass out while spending time in the community.

Open House Events

You shouldn't have to host open houses yourself or pay your real estate agent to do it. Your agent should provide at least one open house event with their service offerings. Promoting the event, providing refreshments for prospective buyers, giving tours, and cleaning up after the event are all things a quality real estate agent would be happy to do. Additional open house events above and beyond what's included with the services you pay for should be available for a nominal fee as well.  


Negotiating the sales price with potential buyers can be stressful and overwhelming, so leave the negotiations to your real estate agent. You can sit down with your agent and discuss a game plan to ensure that they work within financial boundaries that are comfortable to you, then they can deal with any offers that come with negotiation opportunities. Make sure that you understand the process your agent intends to use with your prospects, so you have an idea of what will happen throughout the negotiation process. How many counter offers is your agent willing to process? How long will it take your agent to respond to offers? Will you be involved in the negotiation process before an offer is officially accepted?

Having access to these service offerings without having to worry about racking up a large bill with your real estate agent should help make the process of selling your home more convenient and less stressful overall.