How To Let Your Agent Know The Kind Of Home You're Looking For

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If you know somebody that had a bad experience with a real estate agent, the top complaint that you may have heard was that the agent wasn't showing them homes that they liked. While this could from the buyer having really picky tastes, it could also be from them not letting their agent know what they were looking for. Communication is key when working with a real estate agent, which is why it helps to give them as much information as possible when house hunting. Here are some tips that will help your agent narrow down your house search.

Give A List of Features You Want

Your agent can't read your mind, and if you want them to find homes that you like, they need to know what the exact features are that you desire. These tastes vary from buyer to buyer, and without that information, an agent's selection will sometimes feel random to you.

Break down your desires into the following categories, so that an agent knows what you're willing to part with if they do find a house that could be right for you.


These are the features that are essential to a home that you want and that you are unwilling to compromise on. If your agent doesn't see these features, then they know not to bother showing you the home. This could include a minimal amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage.


Your wants are features that you find desirable but could sacrifice if the home is amazing and meets other criteria. This category could include the type of flooring, features in the master bedroom, or even if the yard has a fence around it. Consider items as a want if you could easily add it to your home later, such as the materials used for the kitchen counters.


Let your agent know about anything that will turn you off to a home but is not a deal-breaker. Think of things such as if the home is on a busy street, the exterior material, or even the part of town that it is in. Generally, they are things that you won't notice day-to-day in the home but you have a strong opinion on.


Only tell your agent that things are deal-breakers if you cannot live without them. For example, a popular deal-breaker is not having a garage or no central air conditioning.

One you've compiled your list of features, give them to an agent so they can consider these features in their next property search. Contact a company like Ross Nack Road LLC for more info.