Why Decluttering Is A Vital Step In The Staging Process

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Staging is something real estate agents recommend when homeowners want to sell their houses, and there are a lot of important parts of staging. One of the most vital aspects of staging, though, is the process of decluttering a house. Decluttering might not be the only step you will have to take, but here are some of the reasons it is so important and tips to help you declutter it well.

Decluttering makes a house look bigger

The first thing to understand is that everything you have in your house is taking up space, and the more stuff you have in your house, the smaller your space will seem. Decluttering will free up a lot of your space, and the end result will be that your house appears more spacious to those who view it.

Decluttering helps eliminate distractions

Secondly, a house full of clutter can be a huge distraction to people who view it. If a person comes to see your house and it is full of clutter, that person might not be able to look past the clutter to see how beautiful and spacious your house really is. Instead, he or she might be focused only on your stuff, and this could cause you to lose the sale.

Decluttering can make a house appear dirty

Another thing to understand about clutter is that it can sometimes come across as dirty. In other words, your clutter might make your home appear unclean. If people are viewing your house and develop this perception, they might not want to buy it, as they might be completely turned off by it.

Top ways to declutter

If you decide that your house needs to be decluttered before you list it, here are some of the best tips to help you with this:

  1. Rent a storage unit – Without a place to go with your things, you will simply be moving them from one area of your home to another. With a storage unit, you can put the stuff in there and deal with it later.
  2. Partially empty out your closets – As you are eliminating clutter from your house, do not forget to work on your closets. If you can partially empty all your closets, they will look bigger, and this may be appealing to the people who view your house.
  3. Remove all personal effects – Finally, make sure you take out all your personal effects as you declutter, including family photos. By doing this, it will be easier for viewers to feel like they could live there.

If you need help with this step, or if you need more information about how to stage your house, talk to the real estate agency assisting you.