Home Shopping While Pregnant? 3 Ways To Prioritize Your Well-Being

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Do you want to buy a forever home before your new bundle of joy arrives on the scene? Pregnant parents with a strong desire to "nest" often find themselves balancing two energy-intensive tasks at once — preparing for a baby and shopping for a new house. How can you have the most success at home shopping with the least risk to you and your little one? Here are three key tips to follow.

1. Start Early

For most people, the early stages of pregnancy are the most comfortable and the least stressful. The more you can get done during this period, the less you're doing closer to term and while potentially laid up, the easier it will all be. Don't feel rushed to find something and buy it right now, but use this time to do some of the work — getting qualified for a mortgage, choosing a good real estate agent, and lining up inspectors. Then you can focus on the fun parts later on instead of the stressful parts. 

2. Rely on Your Agent

A real estate agent is your ally if home buying while pregnant. Talk frequently with them, developing a clear picture of what you want in your new home. They should be able to act as your eyes and ears, narrowing down potential homes to a scant few that you need to actually come and see in person. 

In addition, discuss ways that the agent can provide virtual services — rather than meeting in person — such as video walkthroughs and additional photos as well as virtual document signing. Remember that you both may need to be flexible during your pregnancy. So if you set up an arrangement in advance, the process can continue moving forward whether you feel good or you don't. 

3. Don't Overextend Yourself

This is a time to focus on what really matters — your family and your good health. So don't get so caught up with any aspect that you become physically or financially overextended. If you're having trouble finding the perfect home, reduce the level of commitment by looking for a starter home instead. And if you aren't feeling up to visiting homes in person, ask your agent to take a trusted friend or family member as a proxy. And avoid adding stress by going over your budget or choosing an outsized home. Instead, keep it simple.

Protecting your health is paramount while nurturing your baby. The good news is that you can prioritize this and still find a great house to bring your baby home to. Learn more by meeting with a real estate agent in your chosen area.