Tips For Renting A Disabled Access Apartment That's Right For Your Needs

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Being disabled makes it harder to find the right housing for your needs. This is especially true if you need to use a wheelchair or walker. Many older apartments weren't built with the disabled in mind, so renting an old apartment can be impossible.

However, there are disabled access apartments that were built with those with disabilities in mind. Here are some tips for finding a disabled access apartment.

Check Out Newer Buildings First

When you are looking for disabled access apartments for rent, you should look to newer buildings first. Newer apartment buildings were built with a different code than older apartments were. They tend to have wider entrances, hallways, and doorways to the units, and even the inside of the apartment is built with modern conveniences. You may find that light switches, door handles on cabinets, and even the cabinets themselves are placed lower or are easier to operate than in older buildings.

Newer buildings are often built to accommodate the disabled, with larger elevators and ramps leading into the building. They tend to be built in accessible areas where the sidewalks are wider, closer to shopping and pharmacies, and have transit nearby.

Ask If You Can Modify An Older Apartment

In some areas, newer apartment buildings are a hot commodity. When a unit comes up for rent, they tend to go faster than in an older building. They can also be more expensive, and if you are on a limited budget, a newer building might be out of reach.

Check with some of the older apartment buildings to see if you can make modifications to the unit that would suit your needs. You might find that you can reach the cupboards but the handles make it difficult to open them. You might be able to change out the handles for better access. It may also be possible to install a handrail in the bathroom. You might be asked to pay for it, but many older buildings will work with you.

Older apartments can be converted into disabled access apartments with a little modification.

Search For Features Online During Your Apartment Search

When you are looking for disabled access apartments, you probably will start your search online before going to see the building. When you do, filter some of the features that are important for you to have. For example, do you need a walk-in shower? Then use the filter feature to see which buildings offer that.

You can also search buildings for disability accessibility features such as lowered light switches or disabled parking.