Four Important Factors To Consider When Relocating A Medical Clinic

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The care you provide to the patients that visit your medical clinic is important, but you should also not underestimate the importance of the building itself. While sometimes an afterthought, the building where your clinic is housed can affect the comfort of patients and their access to the care you provide. If moving your medical clinic to a new location is on the horizon, learn about some of the factors you want to consider.

Served Community

Think about the community of patients you serve to ensure you keep their needs at the forefront. Take a clinic that serves low-income families, for example. Some of these patients may not have access to reliable transportation. As a result, a location that is within the path of the local public transportation service would be ideal. A location away from any major roads would be less ideal. A real estate agent can help you ensure you keep care available to those who rely on it.

Additional Care Access

If you are a part of a larger healthcare network or you partner with other specialists, try to find a location that makes travel to these other healthcare locations easier. The easier it is to travel from your facility to the next facility and vice versa, the easier it is on your patients, and the more likely they are to follow your prescribed treatment plans. If they struggle to reach these locations, it will be harder for them to follow any treatment plan. 

Patient Accessibility

Ensure that every patient that visits your clinic can access it. Access to parking and a well-marked entryway are a couple of factors to look for. Additionally, if you treat an older population, you want to ensure there is ample space for these patients to be dropped off at the front door safely so that they do not have to walk a distance. Let your real estate agent know what type of accessibility features are most important.

Exterior Design Specifications

A medical clinic should feel open and clean on both the inside and the outside. If the overall look of the buildings' exterior is unkempt, such as poorly maintained landscaping or poor upkeep of other businesses in the area, it can affect a patient's perception of your clinic. Health and cleanliness typically go hand-in-hand in the patient's view, so ensure the outside of the building looks just as good as the inside.

It is important that you get it right. After all, the care of your patients depends on it. Sit down and speak with a real estate professional to find the right medical facility property.