5 Reasons To Look For A New Apartment In Winter

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Are you thinking about moving into a new apartment? Then winter may be the perfect time to take the plunge. Why is winter a good time to hunt for a new rental apartment? Here are a few of the best reasons.

1. Lower Prices

In general, rents tend to be lower for winter vacancies than for summer ones. Winter is a sort of off-season for people terminating leases and looking for new ones, so a savvy shopper can find a good deal if they time it right. 

2. Time to Shop

The earlier you start your new apartment search, the more time you have to do it right. Shopping during the height of the summer moving season can mean rushing around and having to sign on to something before you've had a chance to fully vet it. Even if you're not sure you want to move during winter, you can learn about the local market and comparison shop at your leisure. 

3. Cold Weather Testing

On a physical level, knowing how your apartment will look and feel during winter is smart. You see the apartment and its common areas in a different season when some weaknesses are more obvious. Is the unit well insulated and heated? Does management take care of the complex well? Do they offer winter activities? Is snow plowed and ice removed? Good winter maintenance generally indicates good summer maintenance. 

4. Less Competition

While there is often less inventory during the winter months, you have the advantage of less competition for those units. This allows you to take more time before you must commit to a rental. It also gives landlords and managers the freedom to work with your needs. And you may not need to meet as strict of standards as during times with stiffer competition for inventory. 

5. Room for Negotiation

Because landlords have fewer potential renters in wintertime, they may be more willing or more able to negotiate. Negotiation depends on many factors, but it may include getting appliance upgrades or permission to paint, access to amenities, better parking, a pet allowance, or even a nicer unit for the same price. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about apartment hunting in the cold, wintry months? Start by touring available rentals in your area and speaking with landlords and managers. No matter whether you're ready to pull the trigger or just planning ahead, you might just find that now is the best time to shop.