Selling A Home? How To Make Your Renovation Dollars Count

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Home remodeling can be expensive, and some upgrades are more likely to attract potential buyers. Read below and find out what makes residential real estate more attractive to buyers.

Upgrade the Windows

Lots of buyers are looking for ways to be more energy-efficient. Look for triple-pane windows or those with insulated glass that feature the Energy Star symbol. Be sure and get the rating appropriate for your region.

Open Floorplans

Removing a wall or two can make things seem more spacious and modern. Small, cramped rooms are a turn-off for buyers so target your living room, dining room, and family room for an opening up.

Ramp up the Curb Appeal

Consider these fixes:

  1. Replace the front door with a steel door that is both energy efficient and easy to care for. Then, follow up with a trendy shade of paint in dark green, soft yellow, or nearly any shade of blue.
  2. Pretty up your landscaping by attending to the grass, adding fresh mulch, and planting lots of flowers.
  3. Change out your old garage door for a new one, particularly if the old one is not motorized.
  4. Finally, pressure wash your exterior and touch up any trim that looks worn with paint.

Give Them a Finished Basement

When you finish the basement, you are providing buyers with more than just a media room or 4th bedroom. More space is very often the main reason why people want to move, and a finished basement is an answer to that quest.

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bath for Less

It's no surprise that buyers want kitchens and bathrooms that are upgraded. However, it might be difficult for some sellers to recoup the investment that would be needed to carry out a full-scale remodel of those rooms. Instead, try these showy upgrades that are less expensive:

In the kitchen, upgrade the looks of your cabinetry by changing out only the doors of the cabinets rather than the entire cabinet. Then, add fresh drawer pulls and cabinet knobs in a trendy style and metal shade like brushed nickel.

In the bathroom, replace the fixtures and focus on new tile throughout.


Roofs are not cheap, but an older roof can be a deal killer. This is something that buyers really pay attention to when comparing two like homes.

Before you spend money on any upgrade, speak to a real estate agent and learn what is selling in your area. Some neighborhoods call for an upstairs laundry room while others have buyers looking for tankless water heaters. Learn more from an agent.