Getting Your Home Ready To Sell: How To Budget

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Homes that look clean, bright, and attractive can sell faster and for more money. Whatever sellers can do to make their home stand out—in a good way—will undoubtedly reap the profits. Sellers can spend big bucks getting their homes ready to sell. Read on to know what upgrades are the best use of your money. 

Home Inspections

While your buyers will most likely have a home inspection performed, some sellers begin the selling process by identifying problem areas in the home. This is an optional but important expense that will help you avoid surprises when the home is later inspected by the buyer's inspector. Once the buyer agrees upon a price, problems that crop up after the inspection could put the deal in jeopardy. Now is the time to determine what should be repaired and what can be the responsibility of the buyer. Fees for a professional inspection vary but are usually several hundred dollars.

Repairs and Upgrades

It's amazing what homeowners learn to ignore as time goes on but now is the time to get those minor issues taken care of. If you had an inspection performed, you might need to do some repairs now. If not, try to look at your home the way a buyer would and make a list of things that need to be done. The cost of repairs will vary by the job and area of the country. Keep in mind that repair people are often running behind schedule, and you want everything done before you arrange for photos to be taken of your home.

Major issues with your home can break the bank. That includes problems with your plumbing, roof, electrical, foundation, and HVAC unit. If you have any wood in your home, a termite inspection is a must. In many states, homes must have a termite bond before they may be sold. The presence of termites and the resulting damage can be expensive to remedy.


While staging is not part of all home sales, it certainly puts your home in a good light. Staging can be affordable or expensive depending on the level of help you require. If you can do it yourself or make your own changes with the help of a professional, that can be less costly. The most expensive option is to hire a stager to remove your furnishings and replace them with new things. If you go the DIY route, search online tips.

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